Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happiness is....

... whatever you make it...

I'm not going to lie, the last week has been pretty tough one way or another, but in another way it's helped me look for the positive - after all every cloud has a silver lining right?  So just for a change I thought I'd write a post about the little things, and the big ones, that have turned my frown upside down...

(1) Snuggles with Rupes

(2) My mummy 

(2) Fwriends.... yes, spelt in the most childish way possible! 
Without them, this last couple of week's would have been unbearable... 

(3) Early morning trips to Topsham and Darts Farm!!
Quiet roads, beautiful views and an overall feeling of calm...

(4) Pampering and fodder on a rainy Saturday
Wiv me bessie... now have bootiful feet and a happy feeling in my tummy!

(5) Finding lush new footwear to bring out my inner child

(6) Brie and caramellised onions baked in the oven
Needs no further explanation....

(7) Chuckling away at sat nav's pronounciation of Globefield as "Globbyfield"... teehee!! 
Oh how I laughed.... good job it was 8.15am and no one was around or I'd been posting this from a secure unit at Wonford House!

(8) Getting soaked in the rain then getting home and changing into me snuggly warm jimjams.....

(9) Ice cool mixed berry cider whilst soaking in a hot bath

(10) Having a boogy round the living room to nuuuu tunes... which assists in wearing off the brie, caramellised onions and cider!

(11) Thank you cards from my niece and nephew..

(12) Fresh air

(13) Unlucky for some..... me, myself and I.... :-)

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